Monday, November 30, 2009

Boot Camp, Day 1-- Megan's Story.

I. Am. Fat. And out of shape. Wait... round is a shape, right??? Here's the skinny fat: A few friends from MOM and I joined a local fitness boot camp through a community center. I thought it was a BRILLIANT idea. Truly, I did. They offer childcare, boot camp is 2 days a week for 6 weeks, and it was only $40!

I was clearly delirious. All the fat must have rushed to my brain, causing temporary insanity. For some reason, I had envisioned bootcamp to be easy. Maybe some jogging on a treadmill. I don't mind the treadmill. Or maybe some lunges or light weights.

There was running. I hate running. I don't understand runners. At all. There is nothing fun about it to me. Maybe if I was in shape I'd like it better? I don't enjoy lugging my fatness around, and feeling it jiggle all over the place. Talk about wind resistance.

So, today was day 1. I dropped fattycakes off in the daycare room, and bolted, because he didn't look back at me. When I got to the gym, we had to warm up by jumping rope for 1 minute. Not only was I out of breath by like 30 seconds, but I am SO uncoordinated. I kept tripping over the jump rope. I'm just glad I didn't fall. Maybe if I had, I could have skipped the run?

Then we were directed outside, to run a mile. Here is fatty mcbutterpants wearing a t shirt and capri exercise pants. It's Nebraska in November! Oh well, I figured the copious amount of sweat would keep me warm. We started out and Jess and Megan were with me. I did good. For about a minute, if even that. I was huffing and puffing like I was going to blow some little piggies house down! My muscles were cramping, I couldn't breathe... it was awful. Jess pulled ahead (go Jess!) and Megan stayed with me.

It was at this point that I was embarrassed, humiliated, ashamed and scared. Embarrassed that I could even run/jog for one minute. Humiliated as everyone else was running along, and still having conversation. Ashamed that I let myself get to this point. And scared that I wouldn't be able to make it to the end. Scared that I might have a heart attack and die. A little overly dramatic? Maybe. But it was a real eye opener.

Megan stayed with me the whole way. I felt really bad, because I'm sure she could have run that whole mile without stopping. But I will say it was really nice having somebody with me, encouraging me!

We got done (with my 12:28 mile. Yep, that's right.) and went back to the gym. We then had to do push ups, sit ups, a timed wall sit/press and tricep dips. I failed miserably at each:
Push ups: 5, on my toes (no knees down)
Sit ups: 3 (thank you, 11 pound baby for destroying all ab muscles)
Wall sit/press: 44 seconds
Tricep dips: 10

Then we did chariot races. This was actually my favorite part! One person ran in front, with a stretchy band around their waist, while the person behind held the band and tried to slow them down. I was out of breath, but it was fun!

I am being totally honest when I say that I wanted to give up. During that run, I just wanted to sit down and cry. Then climb in my car, and go right home. But, I didn't. I kept going, even though I had to walk when everyone else was running. I did it, even if it was slow. And I'll keep doing it, every week!

Jess and I will use this blog to co-post about our experience with boot camp. I hope you stick around for the ride!

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Jessica said...

Megan, I am so glad you did it! Even if every second of it sucked! Um, as for push ups and all. Yeah. I can't do that. You aren't alone and none of us there are judging you, either. You do the best that YOU can do! That is all you can ask for. None of us are superstars, you know?

Kirsten said...

Megan...this blog is wonderful and a great motivation! I will be following it every step of the way. I hated it just as much as you, but remember the will feel so much better at the end of this! Kirsten

Nikki said...

I am SOOO PROUD of you! This is awesome! I wish they had something like that out here. It's good you have Jess & Megan for support too! :) I look forward to following your journey! :) XOXO {{HUGS}}

Nancy said...

If someone would have told me to run a mile, I would have walked away. NO thanks. But go you! More than what I could have done