Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 2...Jessica

If Day One was like having to spend the afternoon with my brother in law in a small car with his guitar in my lap (true story, drove from LA to FL in that position once), Day Two was like going to the OB and having her decide an epidural is not for you and you should just have the baby right away. (not a true story, but I can imagine)

It started out okay, doing an Indian Run...everyone in a straight line, the last person sprints to the front, everyone jogs. I did okay for about 1/2 of this run, then I skipped my turn sprinting. Then I jogged on my own, trying to catch up. Megan was coming up the hill at this time so she just joined me and we walked/jogged back to the community center. Yes, it was a group run, and we broke off from the pack, but it is also a training where we are all at different levels and can go at our own pace...Megan and I have different paces from each other, and from the rest of the pack. I am fine with that.

Once inside, we started some "reps" (guess that is what they are called) where we added to each set at the end. By the end of it, I wanted to DIE. My legs were shaking, my breath was short, my head was hot. If I ever meet the inventor of some of those torturous exercises, I will A) beat them up, B) ask if they were part of the Nazi Concentration Camp Planning Committees. Seriously Bad.

The good thing is that I did run a little more. I did do a few more push ups. And I forced myself to do the things on the bench (Megan do you know what they are called?) that are really hard. Maybe soon, like week two or will become a little easier???

I'm home now. I called my husband and told him that he'd be in charge of dinner tonight, that I just don't see myself doing more then sitting on the couch, in my sweat, recovering. I really want a shower but am too tired to do that right now.

I put E in bed, but *may* have dropped him a little bit to get him arms just gave out. 120 (well, it was me, so let's say 80) pushups will do that to a girl's arms, esp. if her baby is weighing in at almost 30 lbs. sit and do NOTHING while I let the inevitable pain and aches of a strenuous workout after not working out in years (jazzercise was at least 3 years ago, folks, and that is prancing around)...does anyone know where the remote is? Max and Ruby is on t.v. and I'd rather not be stuck watching that as I suffer.



Nikki said...

Great job Jess! I'm following your journey with Megan R. and I'm envious of you two! I only WISH I had something like that around here and some awesome Mommas like you two to do it with!

PapaJeff said...

Not to be cruel, but HAHAHA:). Now you get some inkling of what I had to go through for many, many years with the Army. But trust me, after the first couple of days (well, maybe several days), it will get better. I'm glad you're working on getting more fit. I've gotta start with a treadmill or something soon, to get my heart in shape and my weight down.

Keep it up, both of you!

Jessica said...

FYI, Papa Jeff is my daddy :)

Lori said...

It WILL get easier. Right? Right. It will. I was yelling at Nate to hurry up and get in the car because I was about to drop Alex. *sigh*