Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wait, what? There was a Day Three?

Oh, I went to Camelot Community Center to attend Day Three of bootcamp. I drove through the slushy streets and parked my car in the freshly plowed parking lot.

I unloaded a happy baby and a rebellious preschooler to drop them off at the child care room.

Then, the rebellious preschooler refused to go in, cried, threw a fit, etc. No amount of coaxing or bribery was changing him.

Finally, I loaded the happy baby and the rebellious preschooler into the car and went home. The rebellious preschooler spent the morning in his room, striped of anything resembling fun. The happy baby and I relaxed and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


I do have a game plan for Wednesday IF the weather does not turn the entire metro area into one gigantic Popsicle. It involves me reminding preschooler how bored he was in his room, how much fun he is missing by NOT getting to play the Nintendo DS during this snow day with his big brother, and by bribing him with the chance of playing Foosball when I am done working out next time. I think it will work and I hope the rebellious preschooler is starting to see that mommy means business and will not let him rule her. And yes, I've thought of better ways to handle the situation AFTER the time has come and gone, but alas, I will deal with the situation I've already created.


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