Monday, December 21, 2009

What a Slacker

Wednesday's boot camp has come and gone as has the sore muscles and achy back that came with it.
Overall it was not horrible.
Oh, wait...just as distance makes the heart grow fonder, I believe time has made my memory foggy.

There were the squats on the wall. The kicking the wall. The cursing the wall...what did the poor wall ever do to me?

There were the sprints. I hate sprinting.

Then there were these step up with weights and lean over things...thank heavens Ethan got pushed down in the day care room and busted his mouth, thus giving me an out at exactly the right moment...I went out and bought my favorite child an extra Christmas present after that big save.

And today, day one of bringing all three boys to boot camp (and thus allowing Jackson to not be nervous because he'd have big brother Brennan to protect him), I am at home. Eating Cap't Crunch (Peanut Butter flavored). Why am I not at boot camp, wearing my great new "team" shirt and sweating my butt off?

Because of...the stomach bugs attacking Brennan. Dang it.

Hope I can at least get to boot camp Wednesday because I found a to-die-for cheesecake recipe and I know I want to eat at least two or three pieces of it.


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