Thursday, December 3, 2009

Grocery Shopping the day after being dragged behind a herd of wild horses

Oh, wait...I'm not in the old west.

They don't tie people up and drag them behind horses.

I'm in 2009, in the midwest. (Where it is super cold to me today, btw)

And I had to go grocery shopping, though just about every single muscle in my body yelled, "NO! NO! NO!"

I stretched (in bed, under the nice warm covers). I drank water, I took tylonel. I still felt like crap.

But, my family would revolt and throw me to the wild horses to stomp my guts some more, so I persevered, loaded up 60 + pounds of children into the car, and drove to the grocery store, unloaded the 60 + lbs of children and picked both of them UP into the cart.

I thought long and hard about each purchase I needed to make, especially those located on the very bottom and very top shelves. Those cookies I am supposed to bake for the cookie exchange almost didn't happen because the corn syrup was on the top shelf and pushed waaaaaay back. Lucky for me, a grocery store employee was walking by, had freakishly long arms, and was able to easily snag it for me.

Each can of soup or green beans reminded me of my experiences yesterday, and that my muscles were not my friends today. They reminded me that I have not been a friend to them, either. I have ignored good health and exercise long enough. (And yes, I realize I did buy a bottle of corn syrup, probably high fructose...don't judge...the sugar cookies I am about to bake are soooo worth it.) Now, I must suffer the agony pay the price of this bad decision and work on improving my relationship with my body.

It's hard, but so is being mistaken as a pregnant lady year round...

BTW, another friend of ours started to document her journey at our bootcamp. She is actually a trained personal trainer, so her point of view is different from ours...go check her out.

She posted her starting weight...I am not sure if I will do the same, I mean...those sugar cookies I am about to bake are darn good and Christmas is coming and my birthday and my TEN YEAR wedding, maybe I need to evaluate some of my eating habits :)


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Kristen said...

Jessie thanks so much for your comments!! One thing to help with sore muscles is to increase your protein intake on the days you do your bootcamp. I usually do a protein shake within 30 minutes of working out on any day I lift or really push myself. It makes a huge difference in helping my muscles recover.

You can totally do anything you put your heart to, you are AMAZING and don't forget it!