Monday, December 14, 2009

Boot Camp Day...I have no idea, I've lost track!-UPDATED

Woke up this morning to snow...and ice. Yeah.
BUT I preserved and went anyway. Megan had to skip because C is not feeling good and you never know when sickness will strike, so I did not want to miss because of snow then have a kid get sick and miss because of that.
It started out okay. Jack did NOT want to go in to day care, but after about 15 minutes and sitting under a bench, I was told he was fine. He is now happily playing the Wii (something he lost because he would not go to day care last time...I even played with him for a few minutes. Yeah, I rock as a mom.)
The work out was extreme, but in small doses. The last time I was at boot camp, where we just kept adding and adding and adding was KILLER. I wanted to die.
This time, it was just two things at a time, a few sets (first 90 second set, then 60, then 30), run two laps, a few sets, etc. Each exercise was hard (well, except the jumping jacks, those weren't too bad), but since you knew it was only for a short amount of time, doable. EXCEPT these "mountain climber" lunge things that Ms. Uncoordinated (ME) knew were impossible...I just did my own pretend version of those :)
Some exercises we did (with very unofficial names): Jumping Jacks w/ weights where instead of doing our arms side to side, they went up and down; jumping rope (so hard to do when you've had babies...); bicycle crunches; running laps, some sort of bicept curls with bands; some sort of put the band behind your back and pull ups (those were awfully hard and I could not do it the entire time!); the bench squat things that I hate); these step things where you leave one foot on the bench and step up and down with the other foot (hard after #10...did 25 in a row). I finally had to ask Jess to stop her ten second count downs because the last ten seconds seemed to get harder and harder, but without her countdown, I didn't know I was at the end and was able to almost finish most of the exercises. (Hope the other ladies didn't mind)
Now that I am home, my legs and arms are tired. Not sore. Tired. Like, typing this is making them sleepy.
Wednesday we get our tee shirts we ordered! Yeah! Group picture to follow...

UPDATED: Okay. I just sat on the floor for over an hour wrapping Christmas gifts. When I went to get up...well, I fell back down! My tush and the back of my thighs are KILLING me whenever I move. So, I hobbled upstairs like an old lady, popped a few ibuprofen and am about to go to bed. I fear for morning!!!!

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Kristen said...

Thought you'd find it funny that when my trainer tried to make me do bicycle crunches, I for the life of me couldn't do them. Even my trainer was laughing at me because I 1) looked retarded trying to do them and 2) couldn't do them AT ALL. I felt so pathetic, maybe I should try them again!